PFP Motor is a post-sales manufacturing company founded by experienced and talented production specialists in the automotive industry. Having adopted the principle of using the top quality materials to contribute to the success of its customers, PFP Motor produes all of its products in house. Pfp Motor, which values human resources, encourages and helps the development of creativity, adopts modern management model based on open communication.

PFP Motor, which manufactures more than 300 different products with its own molds only, is now enjoying the pleasure of serving you, valuable customers with increased production capacity with its new foundry and new factory.

The institutionalization process that started with PFP Motor’s ISO 9001: 2008 QUALITY ASSURANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM will continue by incorporating other quality management systems. Our company, which raised the bar for quality and services, increased its market share in short notice and rose to the first ranks in the inner market.

By decreasing costs and increasing the quality of its services our company has succeeded in reducing the annual loss rate to 2% band.

In constant cooperation with its customers, PFP Motors aims to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by continously monitoring complaints from customers.

PFP Motor, which has a vision to use resources efficiently and always prioritize customer requests, operates with the motto of respect for the environment, the nature and the society.

Our company, which have succeeded in establishing mutual trust in our commercial relations.



Pasin Otomotiv’s professionalization process which began with ISO 9001: 2008 QUALITY ASSURANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, continues by including other quality management systems.


In the name of institutionalization, Pasin Otomotiv has appealed to the Turkish Patent Institute under 12th class PFP trademark and has completed the branding process in 2014.


Founded in 1986 in the automotive sector, PFP Motor is a subsidiary of Pasin Automotive.

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